Bonneville Speedweek 2010

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Speedweek we qualified for the record on our first pass, we went 306.893 mph on the 302 mph world’s fastest flathead record. We went to impound and started servicing the streamliner we knew something in the motor had gone away as the motor was accelerating as good as it should of in the last mile. Upon inspection we found we had melted a piston so we began thrashing on the motor to get it ready in our 4 hour window of allotted time to service the car. In the morning when we went to fire the motor for our run it would not fire so back to the pit we went. To make a long story short cracks in the block were allowing compression to leak into the intake ports, exhaust ports and water jacket.  Apparently Henry Ford didn’t design the flathead block to withstand 600hp. We will try again at World Finals

Long Course Down Runs

Number Engine Body Entry Name Quarter Mile1 Mile2 Mile3 Exit Comment
788 XF BFS Costella – Yacoucci – Papas – Stevens 250.013 262.784 292.295 306.893 309.199
788 XF BFS Costella – Yacoucci – Papas – Stevens 261.004 272.070 290.152 271.231 237.957
788 XF BFS Costella – Yacoucci – Papas – Stevens 231.466 241.497 258.880 215.680 149.872




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