El Mirage Dry Lakes Meet June 14, 2009

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There were 121 entries:   69 cars and 52 bikes.

There were 23 records:  13 bikes and 10 cars.

There were 188 starts, 109 cars and 79 bikes.  There were 2 spins, 9 turn outs and 4 no calls.  1 Guest

Everyone had the opportunity to run twice.   Altitude Density varied between 4200 and 6300 feet.

The weather was great, somewhere between the high 60s and low 70s on Sunday.

Had a powerful tail wind from the SSW all day.

The course was not good.  Fast vehicles could not get traction.

No candidates for the “Dirty” 2 Club.

Entry Name
Driver Name
Speed Record Pts
Costella – Yacoucci
Super Fours
Rick Yacoucci
167.507 191.670 174

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