El Mirage Dry Lakes Meet September 13, 2009

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There were 93 entries:   52 cars and 41 bikes.

There were 20 records:  4 bikes and 16 cars.

There were 148 starts:  76 cars and 72 bikes.

Start Meet:  07:53, End Meet:  14:26

There were 3 spins, 4 turn outs and 3 no calls, and 3 guests

Everyone had the opportunity to run 3 times.  Altitude Density average 5200 feet.

The weather was in the high 80s with a variable to heavy winds after 1pm.

The course was not too bad.

No candidates for the “Dirty” 2 Club.



Entry Name
Driver Name
Speed Record Pts
Costella – Yacoucci – Pappas – Stevens
Super Fours
Rick Yacoucci
201.895 191.670 235

We set another record 201mph on a 191 record. could of been better….
It all started when we were pushing the car in line and noticed that I had to turn the handle bar about 40 deg to the left to make the car go straight…ok no problem I thought… I get strapped in and I can see that the shifter is going to be a problem with the handle bar in that position, ok ….so Wes comes over and tugs the belts and tells me were next I warm up the motor everything sounds good, I get the signal from Wes that were clear to go, the push truck starts pushing I stand on the throttle and were off, getting ready for second gear and I can barely get the palm of my hand on the shifter, I get the shift into second and the tires break loose I start peddling and I’m in someone’s tire rut I start moving to the left were I see better dirt but the rear of the car is going to the left and now I’m going to the right ok the dirt is better here , then here come this cloud of dust inside the cockpit, oh great just what I needed, then the tire ruts that I had just got out of start moving to the right, ok time to go into high gear..that goes well but now there’s no more good dirt over here so I start heading over to the left side of the track, the dust is getting bad in the cockpit I can barely see the cones on the left side, I get right next to the cones and the dirt is good my foot is to the floor and were going good, it looks like I wasn’t the only one that saw the good dirt on the left side because here comes the tire ruts… oh well by this time I am having a hard time seeing anything and now I’m having another problem the dust is getting so thick I can’t breathe….ok we can breathe later first I got to get through the lights, the dirt is really soft and the car is moving around but I can’t do anything about it because at this point I am driving by brail so I can’t leave the safety of the cones that I am just about running over, then all the power goes away…. I’m saying things I can’t write down, then I see the row of cones indicating that I went through the lights I pull the parachute ( I love this part ) and pull off the course, yank the belt off rip the canopy off, see this cloud of dust blow out of the cockpit and get a breath of fresh air….. whew what a ride…. I look down at the dash and see my top speed was 205mph before we lost power, just then John Romero comes up and says we went 201mph cool!!!!!. Curious about what happened to the engine I bump the starter and it sounded fine so I hit the ignition then the starter stepped on the throttle and the pedal felt like it wasn’t connected to anything, get out of the car look at the throttle body and the lever that the throttle cable connects to is broken off. But hey we got a record…. had to work a little for it but it was worth it. All that happened in 40 seconds but it took me an hour to write it ;-) Thanks to Jimmy Stevens for a bad ass F motor with more left in it, Jack Costella for the baddest car, Bill Daniel, Steve Smashey Phill Wilson, and Pete Belich for being the best crew , The White Goose Bar Racing team Mike Mangelli, Keith Pederson, John Romero and Mike Waters for a place to pit,the use of all there stuff including there brains.

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