El Mirage

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El Mirage

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El Mirage dry lake bed has been home to Land Speed Racing (LSR) for more than half a century.  It is located just 30 miles east of a growing high desert community known as the Antelope Valley.  Back when Land Speed Racing was young, a group of men that had been racing on the dry lakes for several years, decided to incorporate and create a new racing organization which would enforce safety procedures and promote the sport.  Hence the birth of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA).  This year, the SCTA is celebrating its 61th year of LSR activities at the El Mirage dry lake.

Land Speed Racing has always been, and still remains a volunteer sport. All of the various club members, SCTA board members, and all other event workers volunteer their time and energy to the benefit of the sport.  Our events are wonderful for families and friends to join together for fun and the excitement that always follows Land Speed Racing.

There are four (4) one day races per year, June/July/Sep/Oct and two (2) two day races in May/November.  Vehicle inspections begin on the day prior to the race (Saturday) and the racing begins early Sunday morning.  The race day starts with a drivers meeting, patrol meeting, announcements, and national anthem.  The duration of the race usually lasts as long as the weather and course conditions hold up.  All spectators are allowed in the starting line area with a signed insurance form and wrist tag, otherwise spectators must be outside the barrier fence.

Vehicles are lined up for the starting line according to their current season points standing. All entries must be a member of one of the clubs within the Southern California Timing Association. But – there is a “Guest” option to race on the course for “Time Only”.  All drivers MUST be licensed for the speed at which they will be racing.

Overnight camping is always welcome on the lake bed with a few simple rules.  No open fires, no waste dumping, and if you bring it in, you take it home.  Speed and helmet regulations exist while on the lake bed and are strictly enforced.  During the summer months it can getvery hot, so shade is a must as well as sun screen and plenty of water.  There is usually a food vendor, and the SCTA has a sales trailer for all the racing goodies.  Racing on a dry lakebed can be very dirty and windy, so casual clothing is advised.  All race information for the event is announced on a loud speaker and also broadcast on an FM frequency (88.7) for all spectators to hear while at the lakebed.

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